Need a Top CEO presentation? Art Saxby will share insights from The Growth GearsTM and from his firm’s work with more than 500 mid-sized companies in America.

Art has spoken with thousands of CEOs and CEO groups on how to tap market insights to promote growth and profitability. Perhaps he can help your group.

Art’s Bio

Art Saxby runs the country’s largest strategic growth implementation company focused on mid-size businesses. His firm, Chief Outsiders, is an Executive-as-a-Service firm providing outsourced Chief Marketing Officer services (fractional, interim, special project, and coaching). Chief Outsiders allows growing companies to add market-focused senior executives to their leadership teams when the cost or complexity of full-time executive hires do not make sense.  All 45+ CMOs have held positions of VP of Marketing at one or more operating company. 

Saxby started his career in corporate finance with a BS and MBA in finance and various financial analysis and planning roles at LTV Aerospace and Defense and Frito-Lay.  He learned his trade in marketing in brand and project management at Frito-Lay, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola and Compaq/HP, before engaging as an executive turn-around specialist for companies including Imperial Sugar and Hines Horticulture.


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